Qualities Of Mens Glasses Frames Styles

Qualities Of Mens Glasses Frames Styles

Eyewear has become a very popular trend nowadays. Whether you wear prescription glasses, or just to keep up with the trending styles, mens glasses frames styles have always been an important styling accessory. There may be several places where you can get your eyeglasses from, but perfection often becomes an issue. Glasses Shop brings to you trendy and stylish frames as well as good quality and reliable lenses to help with your vision.

Check out Glasses Shop for the best eyewear frames for your everyday wear. Know the features you should look for while ordering your eyeglasses.

Standard Features

Here are the standard features you should look out for while buying

1. Single Vision

Sometimes, usually men below the age of 40 have a single vision. They can use eye glasses which offer only a single vision power. However, you should always consult with your eye doctor regarding whether you need a single vision glasses or not.

2. Bifocal

With older age, many men develop two different kinds of vision. They might have problems in distant as well as near vision. In such cases, doctors would usually advise you to use bifocal lenses to correct both visions. Usually people use this kind of lenses to overcome the natural loss of vision that usually happens due to old age.

3. Progressive

The progressive power of an eye glass refers to the measure of increase in magnification across the lens from top to bottom. This allows you to view clearly in all distances with just one pair of glasses. Your eyeglasses should be progressive to help you view clearly. However, sometimes people who wear reading glasses may often choose to not take progressive lenses.

4. Spring Hinge

Never fail to check whether your eyewear has spring hinges or not. Usually those with spring hinges are easier to handle, and are perfect for rough handling every day. If you wear prescription lenses and cannot do without your eyeglasses, it is preferable to buy eyewear frames with spring hinges.

5. Lightweight

It is necessary to check the weight of your eyeglasses before you buy them. Heavy eyeglasses will weigh down on your nose bridge. It might result in frequent headaches and will feel really uncomfortable. Lightweight eyewear is often preferred to avoid any feeling of discomfort.

Free Shipping and Other Offers

Glasses Shop is a great destination to get the best glasses for all your eye problems. Currently, there are offers for new customers. Every new customer gets their first pair of eye glasses for free, and also get free shipping on their purchase. Also, the more your buy from Glasses Shop, the more you save. Check out the BOGO Offers as well as the flash sale sections to get the best rates for your favourite eyeglasses at Glasses Shop.

Your first pair of free eyeglasses include free 1.50 single vision lenses, free anti-scratching coating as well as free protective cases and cloth for your eyeglasses. However, both these offers cannot be combined together.


Glasses Shop is a great destination for all your eyewear needs. Check out the wide range of eyewear frames that you can use in various events and places. Wear the best eyeglasses to make a style statement for yourself. However, it is always advisable to consult with your optometrist before you decide to start using any kind of eyeglasses.