Tips on Removing Invisible Tape-In Extensions Safely at Home

Tips on Removing Invisible Tape-In Extensions Safely at Home

Tape-in extensions are amazing for those with thin hair as they are as thin as your hair strand making it easier to apply and blend. However, when it is time to take them off, one should do it gently to prevent affecting the natural hair. Here are some guidelines that will help in the removal process at home without causing any harm. To acquire necessary information regarding tape-in extensions, visit page of Intacte Hair.

Gather the Right Tools

First of all, it is necessary to have all the tools required for the removal process before you commence it. You will need:

  • An extension tape remover or an oil-based solvent
  • A fine-tooth comb
  • Hair clips
  • A mirror
  • Shampoo and Conditioner

These tools will make the process easier when one has them in his or her approach.

Section Your Hair

The first thing you have to do is divide the hair into as many parts as possible. Pin the other sections with the help of hair clips that will keep sections that are not going to be processed locked in place. This will assist you in developing a system of working on one area at a time to avoid missing any extension or complicating the hair with unnecessary tangles.

Using the Tape Remover or Oil

Now dip the extension tape remover or oil on the area of the skin at the root of the tape-in extensions. If using a remover, then follow the instructions of the remover that you intend to use. If you prefer going the natural way, make sure to rub some coconut or olive oil on the area of the skin where the tape is applied. Give the remover or oil some time, usually a few minutes, to weaken the adhesive.

Peel Off Extensions Gently

After that, it is advisable to remove the extensions by pulling them starting from the end, when the adhesive is soft. In case of stubbornness, add more of the remover or oil and acquire a little more patience. Do not use your fingers to pull or tug through your hair, this will damage the natural hair.

Remove Any Residual Adhesive

If there are still adhesives left in your hair after the elimination of the extensions, then you may be left with a sticky feeling on your hair. Put more remover or oil on those parts and use the fine tooth comb to comb out the residual tar. One should be very patient here to ensure that they do not pull out their natural hair.

Wash and Condition Hair

Finally, when all extension and adhesive residue has been washed off, wash the hair with a mild shampoo. Deep condition it to replenish its moisture and improve the state of your hair in general after washing it.

Avoid Immediate Re-Application

Please do not touch your hair for some time before applying any more extensions. It also gives your natural hair a chance to grow, so that it is healthy and strong before you put it into another protective style.


It is very easy and safe to perform the process of Removing Invisible Tape-In Extensions at home, provided one follows the right procedure. Thus, using these tips will help you to take care of your natural hair and, therefore, keep it in a healthy state. Be careful when detangling hair strands, brushing, or washing your hair, and never be in a rush since this is all bad for our hair.